The X-Factor

Eye Shields: Helps with correction of the Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) and is also used to allow the eyes to focus & fixate

Sun-Shields: Fits over the frame one is wearing and is quite helpful in sharp sunlight or contrast light. Very useful in post-surgical cases. The case contains three differents sets of lenses, clear, amber & dark tint.

Clip-on's: Various varieties for protection from sunlight. Custom made, standard, polarized, available for both plastic and metal frames.

Safety Spectacles: Safety spectacles in various designs – for factory use and for optical use – can be converted into sunglasses too.

Lens Inserts: Can attach optical lenses inside a specially designed frame of sunglasses

Spectacle Cases: A large variety of stylish colourful cases: flat, soft, hard, Kikoi – (made in Kenya) plastic, metal, and many many more

Contact Lens cases: Colourful, Vibrant and Inviting – these contact lenses are definitely a must in your collection. Available in different varieties and alluring colours.