Contact Lenses
Dispensing contact lenses since we started operations in 1989, our Contact Lens Practice has grown tremendously over the years. In Soft Contact family, we do Daily wear, Bi-Monthly, Monthly and Yearly lenses. Toric lenses for Moderate Astigmatism and High Astigmatism are also available on order.

Cosmetic Monthly Coloured Lenses are available ex-stock, however the daily-wear coloured and Specialized Therapeutic lenses need to be ordered before hand.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses can be availed in a span of two weeks and cater for many conditions like Keratoconus, Post Corneal Graft and other corneal irregularities.

We also do very well with the newly introduced Multifocal Contact Lenses in both Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. These are also available on order.

It is imperative to get the Material and Fit right in order to avoid ocular complications like dry eyes, corneal dimpling etc., Contact Lens wearing regime, Good Hygiene and the use of solutions have to followed strictly as the Optometrist’s instructions.