Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
Great strides have taken place in recent years to make the RGP lenses more stable and comfortable. We order from three different companies from the United Kingdom and have been extremely successful in our fittings. The fitting procedure can take between 2-4 hours and is evaluated with Fluorescein  dye under cobalt blue light emanating from a bio-microscopic beam of the Slit Lamp.

We do a total of 12 types of RGP’s with different Oxygen Permeability and parameters. Careful evaluation is part of the procedure with vision, fit and comfortability being the prime factors of a successful fit. Periodic evaluations take place to confirm that there is no Hyperemia, Hypoxia, congestion etc.

Toric Flange or Toric Periphery RGP lenses are a common feature at our practice. Lenses with Fenestration for better tear exchange are also dispensed when necessary.

We also do Piggy Back lenses where by a soft lens is placed in the eye and an RGP lens is placed on top of that to eradicate discomfort.

Our practice at dispensing Multi-focal lenses is gaining momentum with patients reporting good visual acuity at distance, inter-mediate and Near focal lengths.
Trail Lens Banks are a constant feature at our practice to ensure that the right lens is dispensed to the patient.