We do different types of spectacle lenses and usually include the anti-glare option with all our sales. Anti-glare assists the patient to see more clearly by blocking out opposite light rays getting into the eye. It also allows other people to be able to see the patient’s eyes due to the eradication of the glare. 
For different frames, we suggest different lens thickness so as to account for ultimate aesthetic benefits. These also provide better optics, thin edge thickness, etc.

Photo chromatic ‘Transitions’  lenses regularize light intensity entering the eye and are therefore extremely beneficial for people who are sensitive to light. Their usage is quite common around the world due to their fantastic transmissibility and rapid change-over from clear  to shaded to very dark (depending on the intensity sunlight) and vice-versa. Available in Gray & Brown Tints, they are a common feature at our practice.

Tinted lenses – Gradient or full length – are available to suit your needs and surrounding. Prescription sunglasses are very popular especially during the holiday seasons.  

For the older generation, we have bifocals and Progressive/ Verilux in order to help see at near and far distances.