Senior's Advantage

The Senior Citizens’ are invited to treat themselves with special Titanium alloy fully flexible frames that are very light and can ‘remember’ their original shape. Seniors sometimes tend to bend or mis-allign  their frames. They also feel the weight of a normal frame bearing down on their nose. Memory Metal Titanium frames therefore serve as a superb alternative to the delicate skin and do not bear down on the nose.

For Seniors who use a normal metal frame, we suggest a special  ‘Form-Fit Silicone Comfort Bridge’ that will not ‘dig’ into the nostrils and will ensure no pressure on the delicate skin around the nose.

A nose pad that is a wonder of them all:

  • It is Hypoallergenic,
  • Another beautiful innovation for Soft sensitive skin around the nose.
  • It encompasses air in a silicone capsule allowing it to take the shape of the nose (see above)
  • Is extremely comfortable for soft, sensitive and delicate skin around the nose.
  • Is available readily, ex-stock.
  • The nose pad is filled with a special liquid which takes the shape of the nose thereby not pressing on any particular area of the nose